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Translation and other language services

Our translation and other language services are provided by the entrepreneur herself (M.A Linguistics) and a multiprofessional network including

  • experts in linguistics and translation studies (M.A, B.A.)
  • an engineer in mechanics and production technology
  • an expert in life sciences and academic texts (B.Sc., M.Sc.) / English (BrE).



You can order translation services for the following language combinations:

  • Finnish-English-Finnish
  • Finnish-Swedish-Finnish
  • Finnish-German-Finnish
  • Finnish-French-Finnish.


Ask also for:

  • Spanish-Finnish
  • Italian-Finnish
  • English-French
  • English-Swedish.


We have experience in the following fields:

  • academic texts (English, BrE)
  • life sciences (English, BrE)
  • performing arts
  • literature
  • mechanical and production engineering (aerospace equipment, welding equipment, materials technology, work safety)
  • medical devices (ophthalmology)
  • marketing
  • pedagogy (foreign languages, special pedagogy)
  • psychology (psychometrics, popularized psychology)
  • theology
  • health.


*One page is approximately 250 words counted in the source text.


Language review / proofreading, Finnish

Editing, Finnish

Tailored glossaries, Finnish-English-Finnish, Finnish-Swedish-Finnish

Content creation, Finnish